"Aron has a remarkable eye for capturing not just moments, but the emotions and stories behind them. From group photos to conversational candids, his quality images caught the energy of the event. Each photograph tells a story, and I am grateful for the memories he has preserved through his lens and that I actually look good in all of them. His ability to make everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera is truly appreciated. His professionalism and creativity were evident throughout the entire process. I recommend Aron for any event or personal photography needs. His dedication to his craft is evident and the quality of his work speaks volumes. Thank you, Aron, for your outstanding work!"
- Phyllis Njorage, Redfin Growth Production Manager. 
"Thanks Aron for being a great photographer and being a pleasure to work with. Aron quietly captured behind the scenes for a movie production providing amazing coverage that went beyond the call of duty".
- Andy Yardy, Kinetic Village.
"I have worked with Aron a few times, Aron truly made our family events unforgettable with his impeccable photography skills and warm personality. Aron’s communication and punctuality are always to point. From the moment he arrives, he and his team ensures every moment was beautifully captured. He effortlessly accommodates all our requests, ensuring every family member and guest felt valued and included. The photos he delivered are windows into cherished memories capturing the love and laughter. We sure will continue hiring Aron for all our future events."
- Pratik Patel.
"I've had the pleasure to work with Aron on film sets on several occasions and not only is he a phenomenal photographer, but also friendly and personable. I highly recommend having Aron as your photographer". 
- Michael Rognlie, Director/Cinematographer.
"I met Aron when he was taking photos for the NE Seattle Tool Library. As I helped the members use different power tools in the woodworking shop Aron was able to get great photos unobtrusively. He was very personable and a pleasure to work with. Later I hired him to take photos of me in my own woodworking shop. I want to be able to show my future grandkids what I enjoyed and was able to do."
- Ross Baarslag-Benson.
"We have loved working with Aron, he has worked on our sets to capture BTS multiple times and is a pleasure to be around every time. His photos and videos captured what it's like to work on our productions, and he was happy to jump into other roles when needed. Whether we needed him for strictly photos, or to help collaborate with creative ideas, he was always there. I look forward to working with him again and again!"
 - Sam Arias Mostovoy, Producer & Director.
"I met Aron at a perfect time. We clicked pretty quickly as he was an experienced Venezuelan photojournalist and I was a lawyer committed to speak out against totalitarian regimes. Not long after we met, my 80th birthday was coming up and Aron was the only one in my mind to capture a very intimate gathering with my loved ones. I am not crazy about photos but you don’t turn 80 every day. I’m extremely happy how he made our night go smoothly and naturally. He preserved wonderful memories for my family. Thanks Aron."
- Alan Hall.

"When it comes to behind the scenes, Aron is our go-to photographer. His cinematic perspective often influences shots. His ability to capture moments has increased our creative team. He is a valued member of our filmmaking family. He’s friendly, easy to work with and knows how to get around to the best spots for shots without interfering with any of the rest of the process. My only issue is that by writing this testimonial is that he might be busy on a day we’re trying to schedule."
EE Tallent - Creative Director, Tapped House TV.
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